Thecus W8900 Rack Datové úložiště - 8 pozic HDD,Intel® Core i3 2120 (3.3GHz Dual Core), 8G DDR3 SDRAM, USB 2.0 x 6, USB

Thecus W8900 Rack Datové úložiště - 8 pozic HDD,Intel® Core i3 2120 (3.3GHz Dual Core), 8G DDR3 SDRAM, USB 2.0 x 6, USB

Hardware Spec. - windows verze; Description 2U rack mount; CPU "Intel® Core i3 2120 (3.3GHz Dual Core)"; System Memory 8G DDR3 SDRAM; Flash Memory Dual 1G DOM; HDD Interface 3.5" SAS or SATA III x8 (LSI 2008 HBA card); Ethernet GbE x 3; Dual DOM Yes; U...Více info

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    Základní informace

    Hardware Spec. - windows verze
    Description 2U rack mount
    CPU "Intel® Core i3 2120  (3.3GHz Dual Core)"
    System Memory 8G DDR3 SDRAM
    Flash Memory Dual 1G DOM
    HDD Interface 3.5" SAS or SATA III x8 (LSI 2008 HBA card)
    Ethernet GbE x 3
    Dual DOM Yes
    USB 2.0 (as host) USB 2.0 x 6(Front x2, Back x4)
    USB (as Target) -
    USB 3.0 (as host) USB 3.0 x2 (Back x2) (Low profile)
    eSATA                  1(Back x1)
    HDMI Port (Local Display)                  Yes(Back x1)
    VGA Output(Local Display) -
    Audio Port MIC input x1, line input x1, audio output x1
    PCI/PCIe slot PCIe x 5(8-lane x3, 4-lane x1, 1-lane x1)
    Card Reader -
    10GB NIC  (optional) Yes(optional)-low profile
    Software Spec.
    Network Protocol/ Services TCP/IP,CIFS/SMB, AFP, NFS v4, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP,FTP-SSL/TLS,DHCP Server,DHCP Client,SNMP,IPV6,UPnP,DDNS,Port forwarding,WebDAV
    Supported Web Browsers "Internet Explorer 7 & 8 or higher
    Firefox 3 or  higher
    Safari 3 & 4 or higher
    Google Chrome 4 or  higher"
    "On-line register and
    information delivery" Yes
    Supported Clients "•Microsoft Windows XP, Vista (32/64-bit),
      Windows 7 (32/64-bit),Windows 8,Server 2003/2008 R2
    •Apple Mac OS X
    •Linux & UNIX
    Virtual applications
    Supported Windows 2008 Hyper-V Yes
    Vmware Yes
    Citrix XenServer Yes
    File System
    EXT3 Yes
    EXT4 Yes
    ZFS -
    XFS Yes
    Btrfs -
    Disk Management
    RAID Levels "
    Supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10,50,60, JBOD
    Multiple RAID modes(Up to 3)"
    On-line Migration Yes
    On-line Expansion Yes( Dynamic )
    Hotswap Yes
    Hotspare Yes
    SMART Info Yes
    SMART Test Yes
    Bad Block Scan Yes
    Disk spin-down Yes
    Global hot spare Yes
    Disk roaming Yes
    iSCSI target "Up to 100 iSCSI targets
    iSCSI Thin Provisioning Yes
    Stackable Yes
    MPIO Yes
    MCS Yes
    Clustering Yes
    SCSI3 persistent group reservation Yes
    "Network Redundancy
     (Link Aggregation)"
    Load-balance Yes
    Fail-over Yes
    802.3ad Yes
    Balance -XOR Yes
    Balance -TLB Yes
    Balance -ALB Yes
      Broadcast Yes
    System Management
    LCD Display OLED
    Brower-based UI Yes
    E-mail Notification Yes
    Wake up on LAN Yes
    Power management (Schedule on/off) Yes
    NTP Yes
    Syslog Server Yes
    Data Protection and Security
    Snapshot -
    Remote Replication Yes
    RAID Volume Encryption Yes
    UPS support RS-232
    BBM(Battery Backup Moudle) -
      Secure FTP Server Yes
      TFTP Server Yes
      UPnP Discovery Yes
      Printer Server Yes
    Media Servers
    Media Server Yes
    Photo Album Server Yes
    iTunes Yes
    Download Manager (BT/FTP/HTTP) -
    Aria2(Support Thunder download) Yes
    eMule -
    NZB download Yes
    Transmission(BT download) Yes
    Network Security
    Active Directory service Yes
    ACL (Share) Yes
    ACL (Sub Folder) Yes
    LDAP Client Yes
    Share Folder ACL Backup/Restore Yes
    Folder quota -
    "   FTP Write access only for
      anonymous users" Yes
      User Quota Yes
      User & Group Backup Yes
    "   Access Guard
     (IP Filter and Policy-based
      Automatic IP  Blocking)" Yes
    Backup Server
    Client side backup software "Thecus Backup Utility
    Acronis True Image Backup "
    Instant USB Backup Yes
    Bi-Directional USB Copy -
    Raid Volume Replication Yes
    Usb/eSATA Schedule Backup Yes
    Apple Time Machine Yes
    Rsync Backup Yes
    DropBox Yes
    Elephant Drive Cloud Backup Yes
    Amazon S3 Cloud Backup Yes
    "DATA Guard
    (Remote Backup/Local Backup/Cloud Backup)" Yes(FW2.03.01 above)
    "DVD Backup-
    CD/DVD/Blu-Ray driver(Optional)" Yes(FW 2.02.02 above)
    Windows Utility
    Setup Wizard Yes
    Backup Utility "Thecus Backup Utility
    Acronis True Image Backup "
    MAC OS X Utility
    Setup Wizard Yes
    Backup Utility Thecus Backup Utility
      Web Disk Mamagement -
    "   Simple surveillance server
      IP CAM / Web CAM" IP CAM (MAX 10)
     Supported languages "14
    (English, French, German, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russia, Polish,Portuguese,Turkish,Czech)
      ISO mount Yes
      Recycle Bin Yes
      Web Server Yes
      MySQL Yes
      User Module Interface Yes
    "   AV out with 1080P supported      
     Remote control for OSD   operation" -
      Mail Server Yes
      Auto Module installation Yes
      SSH Yes
     Antivirus(McAfee) Yes(FW 2.02.02 above)
     DVB-T(Digital TV)-(Optional) Yes
    Auto applications update -
      iPhone App "Thecus Dashboard /ThecusShare/Thecus Disk/
      HA (High Availability) Yes
      FCOE(with 10GE) -
      Power Recovery Yes
      Concurrent Connections 256
    Performance "Read: 111.34MB/s
    Write: 113.16MB/s
    Acoustic Noise 62.4 dB (Seagate 3.5" 1TB x8)
    Power Consumption "Peak:169W,Standby:132W
    (Hitachi 3.5"" 500GB x8)"
    Power Supply Redundant 500W above Power Supply
    Kensington Lock No
    Dimensions (mm)/(inch):     Height 87/3.43
                                                     Width 437.5/17.22
                                                     Depth 595/23.43
    EAN code 4712505093208
    UPC code 884956003205
    Warranty 3 years
    Weight (G.W. Kgs)/(lb) 26.12/57.58
    Weight (N.W. Kgs)/(lb) 16.5/36.4

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